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Frequently Asked Questions

IPART is happy to answer these frequently asked questions about our work. Use the filter menu if your question is specific to one industry, or click to expand any of the more general topics below. If your question remains unanswered, consider consulting our glossary, or please feel free to contact us.

Electricity FAQ's

Gas FAQ's

Transport FAQ's

Water - WICA FAQ's

Local Government FAQ's

ALL FAQ's (including IPART related)

  • 1. What does IPART stand for?
  • 2. What does IPART do?
  • 3. What are IPART's purpose and goals?
  • 4. Who are the key people at IPART?
  • 5. How does IPART make price determinations?
  • 6. How can I have my say?
  • 7. What is the difference between a draft and final report?
  • 8. What can I do if I disagree with an IPART decision?
  • 9. How can I keep up-to-date with IPART's decisions?
  • 10. How can I obtain copies of old IPART reports?
  • 11. How can I provide feedback on my experience using this website?
  • 1. Electricity - How does the removal of retail electricity price regulation affect me?
  • 2. Electricity - Why have electricity prices increased so much in recent years?
  • 3. Electricity - I'm not happy about electricity price increases. What can I do?
  • 4. Electricity - Can I complain to someone about prices?
  • 5. Electricity - Why is there a service availability charge? Is this the network charge?
  • 6. Electricity - Where can I find information about historical prices?
  • 7. Electricity - What are the maximum prices and charges for electricity in residential parks in NSW?
  • 8. Electricity - Are there are government assistance measures available to help households with their energy costs?
  • 1. Gas - Who is my regulated supplier?
  • 2. Gas - What are the regulated retail gas prices in my area?
  • 3. Gas - How does IPART set regulated gas prices?
  • 4. Gas - Why have prices increased on 1 July 2014?
  • 5. Gas - I’m not happy about the price increases. What can I do?
  • 6. Gas - Can I complain to someone about prices? Can IPART do something?
  • 6. Gas - Can I complain to someone about prices? Can IPART do something?
  • 7. Gas - What are the different types of regulated prices?
  • 8. Gas - Why are the regulated prices different for each area?
  • 9. Gas - How do I know if I am on a regulated contract or a market (or negotiated) contract?
  • 10. Gas - Who are the licenced retailers in NSW?
  • 11. Gas - Why is there a supply charge or access charge? Is this the network charge?
  • 12. Gas - Why have my regulated retail prices gone up by more than the percentage increase announced by IPART?
  • 13. Gas - Where can i get a time series of regulated retail gas prices for a typical residential customer in NSW?
  • 14. Gas - Wouldn't it be fairer if all customers paid the same for gas regardless of where they live?
  • 15. Gas - When can my gas retailer change the prices I pay?
  • 1. Solar - Where can I find information about PV systems and the Solar Bonus Scheme?
  • 2. Solar - Where can I find information on feed-in tariffs being offered by retailers?
  • 3. Solar - Why doesn't my electricity retailer pay me the full retail price (ie: '1 for 1') for electricity I export to the grid from my solar PV system?
  • 1. Local Gov - What is the rate peg and what is rate pegging?
  • 2. Local Gov - What is IPART’s role in NSW local government rate setting?
  • 3. Local Gov - What is a productivity factor?
  • 4. Local Gov - What does the rate peg increase apply to?
  • 5. Local Gov - Why did my rates go up by more than the rate peg percentage?
  • 6. Local Gov - Can your rates increase by more than the rate-peg percentage?
  • 7. Local Gov - Are all rates and charges limited by rate-pegging?
  • 8. Local Gov - How is the rate peg determined?
  • 9. Local Gov - What were the percentage increases in the rate pegging limit in recent years?
  • 10. Local Gov - What is a special variation?
  • 11. Local Gov - What are the criteria for assessing special rate variations?
  • 12. Local Gov - Can residents make submissions directly to IPART?
  • 13. Local Gov - Are councils held accountable to the special variation process?
  • 14. Local Gov - What are minimum rates?
  • 15. Local Gov - What is the statutory limit for minimum amounts of special rates?
  • 16. Local Gov - How do IPART assess applications for minimum rate increases?
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