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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IPART is happy to answer these frequently asked questions about our work. Use the filter menu if your question is specific to one industry, or click to expand any of the more general topics below. If your question remains unanswered, consider consulting our glossary, or please feel free to contact us.

    Electricity FAQ's

    Gas FAQ's

    Transport FAQ's

    Water - WICA FAQ's

    Local Government FAQ's

    ALL FAQ's (including IPART related)


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    • 1. Electricity - Who is the regulated supplier of electricity in my area?
    • 2. Electricity - What are the regulated retail electricity prices in my area?
    • 3. Electricity - How does IPART set regulated retail electricity prices?
    • 4. Electricity - How much are electricity prices increasing in 2013/14?
    • 5. Electricity - Why have electricity prices increased so much in recent years?
    • 6. Electricity - Why have my regulated retail prices gone up by more than the percentage increase announced by IPART?
    • 7. Electricity - I'm not happy about electricity price increases. What can I do?
    • 8. Electricity - Can I complain to someone about prices? Can IPART do something?
    • 9. Electricity - What are the different types of regulated prices?
    • 10. Electricity - Why am I on a time of use price?
    • 11. Electricity - Why is there a service availability charge? Is this the network charge?
    • 12. Electricity - Why do I have to pay for investment in the network? Can't the profits made by the network businesses be used for this?
    • 13. Electricity - Where can I find information about historical prices?
    • 14. Electricity - What are the maximum prices and charges for electricity in residential parks in NSW?
    • 15. Electricity - How will the carbon pricing mechanism affect my electricity bill?
    • 16. Electricity - Are there are government assistance measures available to help households with their energy costs?
    • 17. Electricity - Who is responsible for decisions that affect electricity prices?
    • 1. Solar - Where can I find information about PV systems and the Solar Bonus Scheme?
    • 2. Solar - Where can I find information on feed-in tariffs being offered by retailers?
    • 3. Solar - Why doesn't my electricity retailer pay me the full retail price (ie: '1 for 1') for electricity I export to the grid from my solar PV system?
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