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Mamre Road Stormwater Scheme Review

We're seeking stakeholder views on our Issues Paper to inform our assessment of the efficient costs of providing stormwater drainage services to the Mamre Road Precinct, and how these costs should be recovered from developers, taxpayers or other parties.

Interested stakeholders can make written submissions by 20 May 2024.

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Developer contributions for the Box Hill Precinct

IPART has released its Final Report on the contributions that the Hills Shire Council can levy on developers in the Box Hill Precinct.

Developer contributions fund services and amenities for the developing area, such as open space, stormwater, transport, infrastructure and land.


Ship in the Port of Newcastle
Port of Newcastle Compensation Determination

IPART has determined that the current value of a one-off compensation payment that can be made by the Port of Newcastle to the State of NSW is $13 million.

IPART Chair Carmel Donnelly said the Tribunal determined the value of the payment according to the requirements set out in the Port of Newcastle (Extinguishment of Liability) Act 2022.

Water flows over Carcoar Dam in NSW
Dams Safety NSW levy review

IPART has been asked to investigate the efficient costs of Dams Safety NSW (DSNSW) carrying out its functions under the Dams Safety Act 2015, and recommend a methodology for recovering these costs from declared dam owners.

DSNSW is an independent regulatory body that ensures declared dam owners manage the safety of their dams. This review will recommend a levy that ensures these owners pay for the services DSNSW provides in a clear, cost-effective and efficient way.

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Special Variations Applications 24-25

Thank you to all stakeholders who provided IPART with their feedback on the special variation applications received from nine NSW councils.

We are processing the submissions and survey responses received and will publish non-confidential submissions and survey responses on our webpage in due course.

We are currently assessing council applications and will publish our decisions in May 2024.

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Annual review of WaterNSW rural bulk water charges

Community feedback is sought on a draft decision to limit increases in WaterNSW’s regulated charges for bulk water services in regional and rural NSW to inflation of about 3.7% from 1 July 2024.

IPART will consider all stakeholder feedback before finalising its annual review of WaterNSW’s charges that will apply from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

Media Release

Annual review of WaterNSW’s rural bulk water charges

Media Release

IPART is seeking stakeholder views to inform its assessment of the efficient costs of providing stormwater drainage services to the Mamre

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Climate Change Prioritised

IPART has adopted a statement and framework on climate change