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Peak Scheme announced

IPART has been appointed as the administrator and regulator of the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme.

The scheme will create incentives for households and businesses to cut energy usage at peak times during summer.

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Electricity networks safety and reliability

We’ve just published a report detailing the compliance of electricity network operators with their licences.

The good news for safety and reliability is operators were generally compliant with their obligations.

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Council rates and population growth

Next financial year local council rates in NSW will take into account increases in population growth.

We’ve set a rate peg for each council, ranging from 0.7% to 5%. A full list of the rate peg for each council is available at the ‘Learn more’ link below.

Central Coast
Central Coast water prices

We have consulted with the community on the prices that Central Coast Council can charge for its water, wastewater and stormwater services.

We have published submissions and survey results received in response to our Issues Paper and the council’s pricing proposal.

Lighting installation
Energy Efficiency Company Sanctioned

We have taken action against Australian company Versace over improperly created Energy Savings Certificates.

Versace installs LED lights in households and businesses in New South Wales.

Fire and Rescue NSW
Fire and Rescue NSW fees and charges

We have released a draft report on Fire and Rescue NSW’s fees and charges.

We are seeking feedback on the proposed charges, which include charges for attending false alarms from automatic fire alarm systems, attending hazardous material incidents, assessing fire safety in the built environment and managing automatic fire alarm systems.

Media Release

IPART has released its final report on the contributions that Lane Cove Council can levy on developers in the St Leonards South precinct.

Media Release

IPART has taken action against Australian company Versace LED Low Energy Pty Ltd over improperly created Energy Savings Certificates.

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Fire & Rescue NSW

31 January public hearing on fees and charges.