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Telecommunication tower on a hilltop
Rental prices for communication sites on certain Crown lands

We are seeking stakeholder feedback on our draft report which recommends rental prices for communication sites on certain Crown lands.

We are also recommending a new approach for communication sites on rooftops.

To have your say, make a submission to us online by 12 August 2024. We will also be releasing details about an upcoming public hearing very soon.

Worker standing behind solar panels and windfarm in the background
New transmission operator's licence

We welcome stakeholder feedback on our draft recommendation for the new transmission operator’s licence to ACEREZ Partnership and the draft conditions that this licence may operate under.

To have your say, make a submission in response to our Draft Report by 2 August 2024.


Photos of Sharon Henrick and Darryl Biggar
Appointment of two new Tribunal members

We're pleased to announce the appointment of competition and regulatory law expert Ms Sharon Henrick and economist Dr Darryl Biggar as Tribunal members.

IPART's Chair Carmel Donnelly said she was pleased to welcome both Sharon and Darryl to the Tribunal and looked forward to the deep expertise and experience they will each bring to their work as IPART continues to help the people of NSW get safe and reliable services at a fair price.

solar panels and the sky in the background
Solar Feed-In Tariffs 2024-25

We’ve published our annual benchmarks for solar feed-in tariffs. 

We expect household solar exports to be worth 4.9 to 6.3 cents per kWh in 2024-25.

Our benchmarks help consumers understand whether their retailer is offering a reasonable feed-in tariff for their solar exports. 

Apartment complex in Sydney, NSW.
Final Report - Embedded Networks

We have published our final recommendations on how maximum prices should be set for energy services provided through embedded networks. Our recommendations would cap prices at the level that customers outside of embedded networks would pay if they shopped around. 

The NSW Government will consider our recommendations, including the timing for any new price protections that may apply. 

The Murray River at sunset
Final report - WaterNSW Annual Review of rural bulk water charges

IPART has finalised its annual review of WaterNSW’s regulated charges for bulk water services to apply from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. 

Our decision is to maintain the charges set under the 2021 Determination, which will mean increases in charges will be limited to inflation of 3.6% from 1 July 2024.

Media Release

IPART releases draft design for Dams Safety Regulation Levy

Media Release

IPART has invited community feedback on a draft report which recommends rental prices for communication sites on certain Crown lands.

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Your feedback is important to our consultation process. Make a submission or attend a public hearing to have your say. 

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Climate Change Prioritised

IPART has adopted a statement and framework on climate change