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Solar Feed-In Tariffs 2024-25

We’ve published our annual benchmarks for solar feed-in tariffs. 

We expect household solar exports to be worth 4.9 to 6.3 cents per kWh in 2024-25.

Our benchmarks help consumers understand whether their retailer is offering a reasonable feed-in tariff for their solar exports. 

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Proposed Council Reference Group

IPART welcomes feedback on a draft Terms of Reference for establishing a council reference group to advise on the implementation of its new rate peg methodology.

The purpose of the group is to identify any practical issues or unintended consequences that might arise from its implementation and impact communities.

You can register to attend an upcoming workshop to provide feedback or make a submission by 3 June 2024.

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Out-of-home care costs and pricing

A consultation paper has been released seeking stakeholder feedback on the costs of caring for children and young people in out-of-home care to inform our review.

We would like to hear from providers and workers in the out-of-home care sector, including Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, as well as carers of children and young people. 

You can make a submission or complete a quick feedback form up until 27 June 2024.

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Final Report - Embedded Networks

We have published our final recommendations on how maximum prices should be set for energy services provided through embedded networks. Our recommendations would cap prices at the level that customers outside of embedded networks would pay if they shopped around. 

The NSW Government will consider our recommendations, including the timing for any new price protections that may apply. 

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Dams Safety NSW levy review

In early May IPART held a series of workshops with stakeholders to discuss the design of a possible Dams Safety Regulation Levy.

We have now published a summary of what was discussed at those workshops.

A Draft Report is expected to be published in early July with a virtual Public Hearing seeking stakeholder feedback to follow.

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Special Variations Applications 24-25

We have made our decisions on 9 council applications for special variations to increase their general income by more than the rate peg, and 2 council applications to increase minimum rates. 

IPART assesses special variation applications and minimum rate increase applications against criteria set out in guidelines issued by the Office of Local Government.

Reports explaining our decisions are now available on our website. 

Media Release

IPART has published its solar feed-in tariff benchmark ranges for 2024-25.

Media Release

IPART has released its decisions on 9 NSW council applications for special variations to increase their general income by more than the r

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Climate Change Prioritised

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