Compliance & performance monitoring of ACPs

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While GGAS has closed and certificates can no longer be created, a small number of ACPs remain accredited under the Carbon Sequestration Rule.  These ACPs have advised that they are seeking, or intending to seek, accreditation under the Carbon Farming Initiative and prefer to remain accredited under GGAS.  They will remain accredited under GGAS until:

  • they request cancellation
  • there is a breach of accreditation conditions, or
  • the GGAS legislation is repealed.  

These ACPs are subject to auditing and reporting requirements as a means of ensuring ongoing compliance.  The compliance monitoring regime imposed on each ACP is tailored to the accreditation.  It specifies the audit regime and whether annual reports are required.

Ongoing audit requirements

IPART, as Scheme Administrator, imposes ongoing compliance audits on each ACP at the time of accreditation.  In determining the appropriate audit regime, the Scheme Administrator exercises its judgment taking into account the individual circumstances of each accreditation.  Auditors may be engaged directly by ACPs from organisations on the Audit Panel.  However all auditor appointments must be approved by the Scheme Administrator prior to the commencement of the audit. 

Ongoing reporting requirements

Standard annual reporting requirements are imposed as a condition of accreditation.  Annual reporting by ACPs is a key aspect of the Scheme Administrator’s ability to monitor ongoing compliance with GGAS.  The standard scope of the annual reporting condition is designed to confirm:

  • that the subject of the accreditation is still fully operating in the manner indicated in the ACP’s application for accreditation
  • that the characteristics and details of the subject of the accreditation are not materially different from the characteristics and details identified in the ACP’s application for accreditation and
  • the number of certificates created by the ACP during the reporting period (usually a calendar year) together with supporting calculations (this information is no longer required as no further certificates can be created).



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