GGAS Audit Panel

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Under the GGAS legislation, IPART has strong auditing and enforcement powers to ensure that remaining ACPs comply with legislation and their conditions of accreditation, see Compliance and performance monitoring of ACPs.  The key objectives of the audit framework are to support the policy objectives of the legislative framework and ensure that information provided by participants is reliable, complete and fairly represented. 

The Audit Panel

The Audit Panel is relied upon to carry out all audit activity.  Quality and independence of audits is monitored closely to ensure the objectives of GGAS are met.  Audit panel members are subject to the panel agreement – the contract between IPART and the audit panel member.  The panel agreement describes a range of obligations that the audit panel member has to IPART as well as the range of powers that IPART has the discretion to exercise.

Contact us for information on current members of the audit panel that can conduct audits of Carbon Sequestration Rule accreditations.


Audit Scope – Carbon Sequestration Rule

Audit Guideline

Audit Report Template

Panel Agreement

Compliance and Performance Monitoring Strategy for ACPs

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