Draft Report - Monitoring of wholesale and retail markets for fuel ethanol in 2017-18 - October 2018

IPART has released its Draft Report on monitoring of wholesale and retail markets for fuel ethanol in 2017-18. We found that, on average across New South Wales, retail prices of E10 were 2.2 cents per litre lower than the price of regular unleaded petrol (RULP, or ULP91); consistent with the difference we found last year.[1] Sales of E10 as a proportion of total petrol sales were relatively stable during 2017-18, at around 26.7%. As E10 contains around 10% ethanol, this means approximately 2.7% of total petrol sales were ethanol
We invite interested parties to make a submission to our Draft Report by Friday 12 November. We will then consider stakeholder submissions and conduct further analysis, before submitting our Final Report to the Minister in December 2018
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