Kings Forest Development

In progress
Start Date
May 2017
Application Form
Oct 2017
IPART is assessing Northern Water Solutions (NWS) application for a network operator’s licence and a retail supplier’s licence under the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (WIC Act). 

If granted, these licences would authorise NWS to carry out the following activities at the Kings Forest development:

  • construct, operate and maintain drinking water, sewerage, and recycled water infrastructure (including a recycled water treatment plant), and

  • supply drinking water, supply recycled water, and provide sewerage services.

Kings Forest is located on the Tweed Coast Rd, south of Cudgen and west of Casuarina in the Tweed Shire Council Local Government Area.

We assess WIC Act applications to protect public health, the environment and consumers.

The WIC Act generally requires private water utilities to obtain a network operator’s licence to construct, operate and maintain water industry infrastructure, and a retail supplier’s licence to supply water or provide sewerage services.

We will assess the application against the criteria outlined in section 10(4) of the WIC Act.  The criteria include our assessment of whether the applicant has the technical, financial and organisational capacity to undertake the activities that a licence, if granted, would authorise.

Once we have completed our assessment, we will provide a report to the Minister for Energy and Utilities recommending whether or not the Minister should grant NWS the licences or not.  We will also recommend what conditions should be on the licences, if granted.

The Minister is responsible for deciding whether or not to grant NWS the licences under the WIC Act.

Our website provides further information on the WIC Act.

What Next
We have published NWS’s licence application (excluding confidential information) on our website.  We are inviting submissions on this application up until 5pm 29 November 2017.

To make a submission, click on the “Have Your Say” link on this page.

IPART will publish the submissions we receive (subject to confidentiality) on our website after the closing date.

We will consider all submissions as part of our assessment process, and will publish our recommendation to the Minister on our website.

Key Contact
Robert Aposhian
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IPART routinely seeks public input into our reviews via submissions, public hearings, stakeholder workshops and community surveys.
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