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Developer charges and backlog sewerage charges for metropolitan water agencies 2017

In progress
Start Date
Oct 2017
End Date
Sep 2018

IPART is reviewing the developer charges methodology for water, sewerage and stormwater.  Developer charges are upfront charges which water utilities levy on developers to recover the costs of providing water, wastewater and/or stormwater infrastructure to new developments. We will also review the methodology for backlog sewerage charges and other relevant capital charges.  The review excludes developer charges for recycled water.


We last determined Sydney Water’s and Hunter Water’s developer charges in 2000, and Central Coast Council’s charges in 2013.  We are reviewing our determinations to ensure they are consistent and up to date.

We will also review and update our backlog sewerage charges methodology set in 1997 for Sydney Water, Hunter Water and Central Coast Council and updated in 2006 for Gosford City Council.


We commence the review with the release of an Issues Paper.  We seek stakeholder comments on the issues and questions raised in our Issues Paper.  We will hold a public hearing where stakeholders can discuss their views on our methodology and proposed improvements to the Tribunal.  Submissions to the Issues Paper and the transcript from our hearing will be available on our website.

What next

We will consider all stakeholder submissions and discussion from the public hearing, and will release a Draft Report for further comment.  We will consider all stakeholder feedback and undertake our own analysis before making our final decisions in September 2018.

Key Contact
Jean-Marc Kutschukian
02 9290 8453
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