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23 May 2018
Transcript - Public Hearing - Solar feed-in tariffs 2018-19 - 15 May 2018
16 May 2018
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet - Compliance with legislated employment guarantees - Updated 16 May 2018
Ausgrid, TransGrid and Endeavour Energy are required to report quarterly to IPART on their compliance with the obligations. This fact sheet summarises the reports received for the January - March quarter 2018
PDF 75.42KB
15 May 2018
Agenda - Public Hearing - Solar feed-in tariffs 2018-19 - 15 May 2018
IPART Offices
Level 15
McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Haymarket NSW 2000
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8 May 2018
Draft Report
Draft Report - Solar feed-in tariffs 2018/19 - May 2018
To help retailers in setting their solar feed-in tariffs and solar customers in deciding whether these tariffs are reasonable, we have set draft solar feed-in tariff benchmarks to provide guidance on the financial value of electricity exported by sol...
PDF 1.07MB
8 May 2018
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet - Solar feed-in tariffs 2018/19 - May 2018
IPART has set a draft all-day benchmark range of 7.5 c/kWh. We have also set time-dependent feed-in tariff benchmark ranges that are different for different times of the day.
PDF 185.63KB
8 May 2018
Media Release
Media Release - Solar feed-in tariffs 2018/19 - May 2018
The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is proposing a benchmark all-day solar feed-in tariff of 7.5 cents per kilowatt hour for 2018-19.
PDF 60.14KB
24 Apr 2018
Application Guide - Electricity distributors to operate outside legislated districts - April 2018
Application Guide
PDF 158.44KB
24 Apr 2018
Licence Condition - Distribution Districts - April 2018
Distribution Districts
PDF 200.56KB
13 Apr 2018
Guidelines / Procedures
Electricity networks audit guideline - Critical infrastructure licence conditions audits - April 2018
Audit guideline
PDF 390.33KB
10 Apr 2018
Reporting Manual
Electricity networks reporting manual - Employment guarantees - April 2018
This Reporting Manual describes how to report compliance with employment guarantees in Schedule 4 of the Electricity Network Asset ( Authorised Transactions) Act 2015, applicable to TransGrid, Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.
PDF 548.48KB

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