Nahrain Oshana - 2023 Cohort - Pricing and Policy Graduate

Background: Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) and Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University


The graduate program at IPART has been a standout experience. I began in the Pricing & Policy division and have worked in both Rail Access and Embedded Networks. My work has been stimulating, engaging, and above all meaningful. The work can be challenging at times, but my team and manager provide plenty of support and fair expectations.

The people at IPART have made me feel valued and respected from my very first day. My fellow graduates have also been an incredible support system throughout this experience.

One of the most remarkable aspects of IPART is the unparalleled exposure to the senior leadership team. There are few other organisations where you might sit next to the CEO or have lunch with an Executive Director on a regular day in the office.

The transition from university to the workforce is no doubt challenging. However, the IPART graduate program has made this process fun, exciting, and seamless. I have grown a lot as a professional and an individual, and I can’t wait for what is to come.

Alex Jenkins - 2023 Cohort - Strategy Analyst

Background: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations/Spanish & Latin American Studies and Master of International Relations specialising in human rights

I discovered the IPART Graduate Program by chance, and I am incredibly happy that I did! IPART truly has such a positive culture and I have felt so valued and supported in my work. Unlike some other programs, you are offered the opportunity to get your hands dirty and develop skills which you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. I commenced my rotations in the Strategy team where I was immersed in such an interesting range of projects and workshops. It provided an overarching view of how IPART functions, and allowed me to foster skills in project management, business analytics, and strategic development. I am incredibly grateful that the rotations included such a nuanced area as Strategy, giving me priceless skills which I am confident I will refer to throughout my career.

Grace Sida - 2023 Cohort - Regulation and Compliance (Energy Sustainability Schemes) Graduate

Background: Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science

Being a part of IPART’s graduate program has allowed me to experience a wide range of learning opportunities whilst undertaking interesting, meaningful, and challenging work. Having access to a buddy and a mentor made the transition to IPART easy and gave me the opportunity to form relationships with colleagues and develop goals for the graduate program from my first week. The team at IPART are welcoming and supportive; creating a positive environment for graduates to learn and develop their skills and knowledge over the course of the graduate program.

Adrian Thomas - 2022 Cohort - now Pricing and Policy Analyst

Background: Bachelor of Economics, Australian National University

The IPART graduate program was an exceptional experience for me. The program's thoughtful design allowed me to delve deep into various projects and gain invaluable knowledge in economics, data analytics, and public policy. And to top it off, the support and guidance from my colleagues and mentors were instrumental in my personal and professional development.

After my second rotation, I found a permanent role in the Pricing and Policy division. Here I continue to encounter new and exciting challenges. Not only did the graduate program allow me to sample a variety of work to find what I’m passionate about, but it equipped me with the necessary skills to take charge of my own career. I am grateful for the continuous learning and growth opportunities it provided.

Looking back, I am thrilled that I participated in the IPART graduate program. It not only offered valuable insights and skills in economics, data analytics, and public policy but also paved the way for my current full-time position here at IPART. I am excited about the future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I am confident that the skills and experiences gained from the program will continue to guide me in my professional journey.

Samantha Zhong - 2021 Cohort - now Regulation and Compliance (Energy Sustainability Schemes) Analyst

Background: Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce

The IPART Graduate Program offered me a variety of work, challenges and exposure to things I never expected I would be working on. I enjoyed how unique every project was with each of my rotations and how all my colleagues were so supportive of my learning and development as a graduate. At every step I was encouraged to use my own skills and ideas and I was given the freedom to choose tasks which aligned with my strengths or interests.

As I moved into an Analyst role working on the Energy Sustainability Schemes, I felt completely comfortable and supported through the changing responsibilities. I believe that there is great transparency and accountability across all the leaders in IPART and the work environment is highly conducive of developing well-rounded and skilled graduates. The graduate program has definitely kickstarted my career after university and has given me so many pathways and opportunities which I never realised were available to me.


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