Bachelor of Economics,
Australian National University


“The IPART graduate program is a hidden gem. I am in my first rotation now, and I am blown away by the variety of projects I’ve worked on in depth. I am genuinely excited to come to work each morning, because I know it will bring challenges and opportunities to expand my limits and enrich my knowledge of economics and public policy. Even as a graduate, my contributions are respected and valued by my colleagues. At the same time, my team gives me space to learn from mistakes and time to ask questions freely. My team, mentor and manager are passionate about the work. And in general, IPART is a self-aware and continuously improving organisation that continues to impress me with its quality employees and people-focused culture. When I applied for IPART’s graduate program, it embodied my need for purposeful work, challenge and fast growth. Five months in the job, it has exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to see what the next rotation brings.”


Bachelor of Law/
Bachelor of Economics & Finance, University of Wollongong

“During my first four months at IPART, the graduate program has provided me numerous opportunities to learn, to be challenged and to engage with my colleagues. I started in the Pricing and Policy team, working on the water pricing review for Central Coast Council. This was a great opportunity and I was given responsibility and autonomy in many tasks assigned to me. The team is highly committed but also approachable, providing a great support structure for personal and team success. I have already undertaken two externally managed training programs, on engagement with stakeholders and plain English writing. I have also consistently met with my mentor to discuss topics of importance to me. My colleagues and manager have given me opportunities to gain meaningful experience in areas important to my career goals. I have found the culture of IPART to be open, welcoming and highly professional, with an emphasis on professional development. The graduate program is also a great opportunity to work for the betterment of residents in NSW and communities across the State."


Bachelor of Commerce & Economics, UNSW Sydney

“IPART has been a terrific starting point for my career. Not only is what we do impactful, but there is opportunity to develop skills across many areas. I have begun my graduate rotations with the Local Government Team in the Pricing and Policy division, which has been both challenging and stimulating. I have loved applying the knowledge from my degree in my work and expanding my skillset. As we regulate across a broad range of industries, there is truly something for everyone. I have really enjoyed learning from those around me, particularly my mentor, manager and buddy, all of which have been extremely supportive in my development. The team at IPART is diverse, and working alongside engineers, economists, and financial modellers creates an extremely collaborative and positive environment. New perspectives are always encouraged, which speaks to the culture of the organisation. I have gained so much since joining the graduate program and look forward to achieving my work goals into the future”


Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science, UNSW Sydney

“Being a part of the graduate program has exposed me to a wide range of challenges and opportunities within IPART. I have been in the Water Licensing team for about four months now and my experience with learning and working with a diverse and welcoming group of colleagues on a diverse range of tasks ranging from engaging on audits for vital water infrastructure in NSW to supporting new legislation on water management has been nothing short of amazing. The learning opportunities and support network of IPART has enabled me to form strong relationships with many of my colleagues right from the start and develop a diverse skillset to take on different and diverse roles. My role with IPART has been highly rewarding and I look forward to taking on new challenges and experiences!”


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