What is the Renewable Energy Sector Board?

The Renewable Energy Sector Board consists of representatives of unions, employers, engineers, and NSW electricity consumers. Its members are appointed by the NSW Minister for Energy.

The Sector Board must prepare a plan setting out how to, in a cost-effective way, incorporate locally produced and supplied goods and services, local workers, and opportunities for apprentices and trainees, into the construction of new electricity infrastructure in NSW.

Once it is approved by the Minister, the plan will be considered in the design of the energy supply agreement tenders under the NSW Energy Infrastructure Roadmap.

What is IPART’s role?

IPART is required to review certain aspects of the Sector Board’s plan. The Tribunal can recommend the plan to the Minister for Energy only if it is satisfied that the plan:

  • protects the financial interests of NSW electricity customers, and
  • is consistent with Australia’s international trade obligations.

We conduct independent analysis to determine whether these requirements are met. IPART does not conduct public consultation as part of this role.  This is a technical review on limited aspects of the plan. The Board represents a broad range of interests, including unions, employers, and consumer groups. They all had to reach agreement on the plan.

If IPART recommends that the Minister approves the plan, it will be published on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website once the Minister approves the plan.

If the Tribunal is not satisfied the requirements are met, it cannot recommend the plan to the Minister, and the Minister cannot approve the plan.

When is our first review?

We completed our first review of the plan in July 2022.