Review of bulk water prices from 1 July 2001

The Department of Land and Water Conservation (DLWC) has made a submission to the Tribunal proposing increases in some bulk water prices from 1 July 2001.

The Tribunal invites submissions from the public in response to DLWC�s submission by 11 May 2001. Unless a specific request is made for confidentiality, submissions will be made available to the public. Any claim for confidentiality should be clearly displayed on the front of the submission.

To assist the public in making submissions, DLWC�s submission and a brief description of how to make a public submission are available from the Tribunal�s office, or from its Website (What�s New: Submissions).

Copies of DLWC�s submission are also available from DLWC�s regional offices. A list of regional offices can be obtained by contacting Treena Willis on (02) 9228 6417.

As part of its public consultation the Tribunal will conduct public hearings in late June and early July 2001. The Tribunal anticipates releasing a report at the end of August. If you have any questions please contact Kumar Rasiah on (02) 9290 8437.

Thomas G Parry
5 April 2001 


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