Review of OPERATING LICENCE for hunter water corporation (Ref 01/369)

(Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Newcastle Herald, Thursday 19 July 2001)

The Minister for Energy has requested the Tribunal to conduct a review of the Operating Licence for Hunter Water Corporation.  The review will provide recommendations in relation to the terms of the new Operating Licence, including the system performance standards, environmental and water quality issues, the Customer Contract and customer service standards.  It is the view of the Minister for Energy to have a new licence in place no later than 1 July 2002.  The review is to be conducted under Part 4B of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992.

The Tribunal has released an Issues Paper outlining the scope of the review and the terms of reference.  The Tribunal welcomes public comment and submissions are invited from interested parties. Hunter Water Corporation is required to submit their response to the Tribunal by 20 August 2001, with submissions from other stakeholders to be received by the Tribunal no later than 20 September 2001.  A workshop will be conducted mid November 2001.

A copy of the Issues Paper can be obtained from the Tribunal´┐Żs website, or by contacting Kylie Miller on (02) 9290 8472.  For other inquiries please contact Felicity Hall on (02) 9290 8432.

Thomas G Parry

19 July 2001


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