Our role

IPART helps NSW residents get safe and reliable services at a fair price. We are:

  • the independent pricing regulator for water, public transport and local government
  • the licence administrator of water, electricity and gas
  • the scheme administrator and regulator of the Energy Security Safeguard.
  • the market monitor for energy, the retail ethanol fuel market, and biodiversity.

The review process

Since 1992 IPART has been conducting reviews across areas that affect the people of NSW. We conduct reviews across water, energy, public transport and local government. We also conduct commissioned reviews of other industries and topics when the NSW Government asks us to.

A government-appointed Tribunal of three permanent members, and occasionally temporary members, leads IPART. It is advised by a Secretariat of highly experienced economists, financial analysts, lawyers, engineers and other professionals.

IPART is an independent authority established under the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992. We report each year on our performance to the NSW Parliament.

View the IPART Organisational Chart

Every few years, IPART commissions a survey of stakeholders to explore how they perceive our performance over time.

Roles within IPART are advertised on iworkfor.nsw.gov.au. Please check this site regularly and/or set up an account so that you receive notifications from iworkfor.nsw.gov.au when a role within IPART is advertised.

Join our IPART Graduate Program to kick start your career and gain invaluable experience. 

IPART commissions suppliers to undertake additional research that assists in most of our investigations and helps to provide us with high-quality advice on complex topics.
Active IPART tendering opportunities are listed on the NSW eTendering website.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 creates new rights to information that are designed to meet community expectations of more open and transparent government.

‘Regulatory capture’ refers to a scenario where a regulatory agency, ends up being unduly influenced by certain interest groups. IPART is proactively assessing and mitigating this risk.

IPART has entered into a number of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with a number of government, industry and consumer organisations to facilitate consultation and communication.

In line with the advice from the Commonwealth and NSW Chief Medical Officers, IPART has moved to remote working wherever possible to reduce the risks of infection and help slow the spread of COVID-19.