IPART helps the people of NSW access safe and reliable services at a fair price. We are a highly skilled and motivated team of economists, financial analysts, lawyers, engineers and other professionals leading transformational projects that drive better outcomes for the people of NSW.

Our organisation is small enough for you to have access to the senior executive and for your voice to be heard and large enough to experience diversity in your work.

One of our key aspirations is that our decisions help NSW to tackle climate change. Our offices are located in Central Sydney, we also offer flexible working conditions and remote working options. We have a strong commitment to workplace flexibility to help staff balance their work and personal lives.

Job vacancies at IPART are advertised on iworkfor.nsw.gov.au.  Please check the site regularly or set up an account to receive notifications when new jobs are posted.

    Pricing and Policy

    Our Pricing and Policy team does a variety of work across different industries:

    • Water - Setting water prices in Sydney, the Central Coast, the Hunter, Broken Hill and the Murray Darling Basin
    • Local Government - Setting the rate peg, assessing councils’ applications for special variations above the rate peg, reviewing councils’ contributions plans (which determine how much developers pay to fund local infrastructure in new development areas)
    • Energy - Monitoring the retail energy markets and setting a solar feed-in tariff guide
    • Transport - Setting public transport fares and monitoring compliance with the NSW rail access regime.

    We also undertake special reviews at the request of the NSW Government. For example reviewing Fire and Rescue NSW’s charges for certain services such as false alarm call-outs to Automatic Fire Alarm systems, and review of NSW Competitive Neutrality policies and processes.

    Regulation and Compliance

    Joining the Regulation and Compliance team is an opportunity to contribute first-hand to safeguarding our energy future and delivering on New South Wales’ Net Zero Plan. You can be part of transformational projects which drive better energy outcomes for the people of NSW. 

    The Regulation and Compliance team is responsible for:

    • the independent regulation of the safety and reliability of water, electricity and gas industries in NSW
    • regulating the Energy Savings Scheme and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme in NSW

    We ensure that the schemes operate to deliver genuine energy savings and peak demand reduction activities through the provision of financial incentives, and are set up to deliver on the NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan.

    We are a diverse and dynamic team, doing important work for the people of NSW and to safeguard our energy future.  We have important functions and an established regulatory framework but welcome people with new ideas to deliver our important outcomes.  We will support your learning and development as we work to respond to the changing energy and regulatory landscape. 


    We provide a full suite of legal services to the Tribunal and all of the teams in the Secretariat. Our services include:

    • providing legal advice about the legislation the Tribunal works with, and how to exercise its functions lawfully
    • preparing legal documents like determinations, licences, contracts and delegation instruments
    • managing legal proceedings to which the Tribunal is a party, for example where a stakeholder challenges a Tribunal decision
    • reviewing documents like briefs and correspondence with stakeholders to check that they are legally accurate and compliant
    • advising on practice and procedure for meetings of the Tribunal and its Committees
    • delivering training to staff on legal issues

    We advise on practice and procedure for meetings and decision-making, and we put in place appropriate delegated instruments in place for the Tribunal, Delegated Tribunals, CEO and IPART officers.

    Corporate Services

    Corporate Services is a small multi-disciplinary team of professionals in the following areas:

    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Procurement

    that enable IPART to meet its objectives through the delivery of timely, expert and strategic information and advice.