Our role

We make the people of NSW better off through independent decisions and advice.
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We are the independent pricing regulator for water, public transport, local government, as well as the licence administrator of water, electricity and gas and the scheme administrator and regulator for the Energy Savings Scheme. We also undertake reviews and investigations into a wide range of economic and policy issues and perform a number of other roles at the NSW Government’s request.

We are a NSW government agency, but we make our decisions independently of the Government. However, our decisions must be consistent with the legislation or terms of reference under which we make them.  In general, this means our decisions must balance a range of factors.  While the factors that we have regard to vary according to our powers, they typically include factors such as:

  • protect consumers of regulated services from unreasonable price hikes and price gouging
  • ensure that regulated service providers remain financially viable
  • encourage regulated service providers to improve their economic efficiency and maintain or improve their service quality
  • encourage competition where possible
  • and where applicable, have regard to the protection of the environment and the impact on customers.

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IPART routinely seeks public input into our reviews via submissions, public hearings, stakeholder workshops and community surveys.
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