We make the people of NSW better off through independent decisions and advice. 

Established by the NSW Government in 1992, our responsibilities and independent decision-making authority are covered by legislation.


IPART has four key values:

  • Integrity and Courage      
  • Respect and Inclusion      
  • Curiosity and Openness   
  • Making a difference

Our aspirations 2023

  • Our People: We trust, inspire and support each other to perform at our best
  • Engagement: A broader range of stakeholders has meaningful input in our processes
  • Climate Change: Our decisions help NSW to tackle climate change
  • Consumers: Our decisions empower and protect consumers

IPART 2023 – Strategy on a page

Annual reports

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Financial Interests Register


The Pecuniary Interests Register displayed is limited to sitting members.


Financial interests register for current Tribunal members


Protocol for Tribunal members on disclosure of financial interests and conflicts of interest


Gifts of Government Property


The NSW Treasury's Direction on gifts of government property details when a person handling government resources can make a gift of government property. The direction also outlines the records needed for gifts of government property made by or on behalf of a government sector finance agency (GSF) agency. 


IPART 2020 Register - gifts of government property.