IPART has been appointed as the Insurance Monitor and will oversee insurance pricing as part of the NSW Government’s reform to the State’s emergency services levy (ESL). 

In November 2023, the Government announced that it would remove the ESL, which insurers currently impose through insurance premiums, and consult on a fair, state-wide, sustainable contribution system to fund the emergency services agencies. More information about the Government’s policy is available here.

IPART will monitor prices and insurers' conduct to ensure that they pass on the savings from the removal of the ESL to consumers by reducing premiums over the transition period.

IPART will:

  • issue guidelines on prohibited conduct for insurers
  • collect information from insurers and monitor their compliance with the Act and guidelines
  • monitor prices of regulated insurance contracts
  • receive and take action on complaints
  • investigate and take proceedings regarding prohibited conduct.

We will report quarterly on this work and publish the reports on our website. For more information about our role, please see the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor Act 2024.

If you have any questions about our Insurance Monitor role, please contact us at insurancemonitor@ipart.nsw.gov.au.