Our stakeholder surveys tells us how we perform and we use the results of the survey to identify areas of improvement.

For our 2019 stakeholder survey, we invited around 200 stakeholders to complete an online survey and received 67 completed responses. We also conducted 12 in-depth interviews. The stakeholders surveyed included representatives of the industries we regulate or where we have a licensing and compliance function. We also included government stakeholders, special interest groups and other regulators.

According to our stakeholders, our overall performance remains high, but has deteriorated across key indicators.

  • 92% of our stakeholders agree or strongly agree that IPART’s staff demonstrates a high level of professionalism.
  • 84% agree or strongly agree that IPART’s report are of high quality
  • 80% of our stakeholders agree or strongly agree that the Tribunal members demonstrate leadership in implementing their legislative functions
  • 79% agree or strongly agree that IPART’s administrative processes and systems are of high quality
  • 77% agree or strongly agree that our consultation processes are of high quality
  • 76% agree or strongly agree that our decision making processes are of high quality.

IPART is keen to return to the exceptional results that we achieved in our 2017 survey. Hence, we plan to respond to the feedback. We are taking steps in our current and upcoming reviews and other processes to improve engagement with our stakeholders and will also increase opportunities for Tribunal members to meet with stakeholders at key points in our processes to help better understand issues. We will also consider feedback from our stakeholders in developing our new Strategic Plan, which we expect to publish in the first half of 2020.

We thank the stakeholders who provided us with feedback through the survey process. We also seek feedback throughout the year:

  • through our website or
  • by calling us on 02 9290 8400 or
  • by speaking directly with key contacts, as listed on the relevant pages of our website.