Stakeholder surveys

Every few years, IPART commissions a survey of stakeholders to explore how they perceive our performance over time.
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Our stakeholder surveys tells us how we perform and we use the results of the survey to identify areas of improvement. 

For our 2017 stakeholder survey, we invited 251 stakeholders to complete an online survey and received 100 completed responses. We also conducted 19 in-depth interviews. The stakeholders surveyed included representatives of the industries we regulate or where we have a licensing and compliance function. We also included government stakeholders, special interest groups and other regulators.

According to our stakeholders, in 2017 our overall performance improved across a number of key indicators and remained strong overall. The Tribunal enjoys a high level of trust, our staff is perceived as professional and our decisions transparent.

  • 98% of our stakeholders agree or strongly agree that IPART’s staff demonstrates a high level of professionalism.
  • 97% agree or strongly agree that IPART’s report are of high quality
  • 95% say our decision-making process are of high quality, up 15 percentage points since 2015
  • 91% agree or strongly agree that our consultation processes, administrative processes and systems are of high quality
  • 89% of our stakeholders agree or strongly agree that the Tribunal members demonstrate leadership in implementing their legislative functions.

It is particularly pleasing that there have been improvements across all key areas over the past two years. 

Nevertheless, the results revealed some areas where we can investigate ways to make further improvement in relation to timeliness, transparency, communication and ensuring that our decisions are practical.

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