IPART is currently undertaking reviews of regulated retail electricity and gas prices for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2016. These are the prices charged by standard retailers to those customers that have not entered into a market contract.

We have released Issues Papers for the electricity and gas reviews and sought proposals from the Standard Retailers.

The public forum on 3rd December 2012 is the next step in our consultation with stakeholders. The purpose of this public forum is to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to understand, ask questions and comment on:

  • Electricity and gas standard retailers’ price proposals for the 2013-16 period.
  • IPART’s proposed approach to the electricity and gas reviews, including the proposed methodologies for estimating key cost components of retail electricity prices.

In both sessions stakeholders will be invited to provide their comments including any questions for the Standard Retailers, IPART and/or its expert consultants.

The forum will be divided into 2 key sessions which will commence after opening remarks by the Chairman at 10am.