Safety and reliability

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IPART is the safety and reliability regulator for NSW electricity networks.  In particular, we monitor compliance with the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014.

These networks have the ultimate responsibility to comply with these regulations, and IPART also holds them accountable on behalf of the community through risk-based compliance and enforcement including our Reporting and Auditing regimes.

IPART’s regulatory powers cover all electricity network operators in NSW, including:

  • TransGrid – NSW transmission network
  • Ausgrid – NSW distribution network
  • Endeavour Energy– NSW distribution network
  • Essential Energy – NSW distribution network
  • Sydney Trains, which has its own distribution network
  • Directlink – the transmission interconnector between NSW and Queensland
  • Lord Howe Island – which generates and distributes its own electricity
  • Metro Trains Sydney

Our regulatory powers also cover network assets located in NSW but belonging to network operators based outside NSW.

Serious electricity works accidents

Electricity network operators are required to report serious electricity works accidents to IPART, under section 63R of the Electricity Supply Act  1995. Licenced network operators are required to report in accordance with our Electricity Networks Reporting Manual – Incident Reporting.  More information is available on our Reporting Manual accessible on our Reporting page.

IPART has inspectors who have a role in responding to serious electricity works accidents.  Where necessary, IPART will inspect the site of accidents, undertake investigations and communicate details of accidents in the interest of public information and safety. More information can be found in the fact sheets below:

Fact Sheet - Permission to disturb a site of a Serious Electricity Works Accident

Fact Sheet - IPART's role in responding to electricity network safety incidents

We have developed a Memorandum of Understanding with Safework NSW so that we can work cooperatively in responding to safety incidents on electricity networks.  A copy of our MoU can be found here. 

Reliability Standards for distribution and transmission networks 

Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy are subject to reliability standards which are provided in their respective operating licences. These can found at Licence conditions and regulatory instruments. Each network reports quarterly to IPART on their reliability, and their compliance is subject to an annual audit.

TransGrid will be subject to a reliability standard from 1 July 2018. See the standard here:  NSW Electricity Transmission Reliability and Performance Standard.

In 2016, IPART reviewed transmission reliability standards, and made a recommendation to the Minister for a reliability standard to apply to TransGrid.    The Minister for Energy and Utilities accepted IPART’s recommendations. IPART then determined the approach to assess compliance with the standard. Relevant documents for both reviews  can be found at the following links: 


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