Complaints or concerns

For electricity or gas complaints, your supplier’s contact details will be on your bill. Contact them first so they are aware of the problem and have an opportunity to resolve it. If they cannot resolve it immediately, they should deal with your complaint using their complaints procedure. You can ask for a copy of this procedure.

If they still do not resolve it to your satisfaction, you can take your complaint to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW (EWON).

To reduce your bills you can:

  • Find out about market offers in your area, visit Energy Made Easy
  • Check your eligibility for NSW and Commonwealth Assistance
  • Consider ways to reduce your consumption

Energy retailers

Energy retailers must develop, implement and publish detailed Customer Hardship Charters. The Charters should include flexible payment options and appropriate financial counseling services.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, contact your energy retailer and ask them about the most suitable payment plan option for your circumstances.

The NSW retail electricity and gas markets are open to competition, which means you can choose which company supplies you with electricity and gas.

Electricity and gas retailers supply energy under ‘market contracts’. Market contracts may include:

  • discounted prices
  • non-price incentives (for example, a magazine subscription)
  • different billing periods
  • different payment options
  • fixed term durations
  • fees and charges such as establishment fees or exit fees.

We recommend using this website before you sign a contract.

Energy scams

For details of latest news and alerts check the Scamwatch website. Consumers can also report scams through this website.

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