If you are a residential or small business customer you can do one of the following:

  • stay with your existing energy retailer on a standard supply contract;
  • ask your present energy retailer about any competitive deals being offered to keep you as a customer under a negotiated contract; or
  • change retailers by entering into a negotiated contract with another supplier.

If you shop around you might find a deal that is more attractive. There are many energy retailers in NSW, each with different prices and products on offer.

Energy Switch is a free NSW Government service that helps customers find a better plan on energy bills and starts the request to switch providers. The service compares and shows customers the best priced plans and features from all NSW household electricity providers, based on the activity detailed in their current bill.

The Australian Energy Regulator’s online price comparator Energy Made Easy also enables you to compare the various market offers available in your area. You can choose the retailer you want, and the offer you want. This can involve switching to a new retailer, or staying with your existing retailer, and signing a market contract.

Please see the checklist of some of the questions you should consider before signing a contract, what to do when I find an offer I’m interested in.

Before deciding to change, get as much information as you can from the retailer/marketer who is required to provide you with enough information to make an informed choice. Read any proposed contract carefully and if in doubt ask the retailer for clarification.

If you decide to change, you will only be changing your retailer (the company that sells you energy and bills you for it). You will not be changing your network provider (the company that owns the pipes and/or wires that deliver your energy.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER), rather than IPART, is responsible for administering energy (electricity and gas) retailer supplier licences in NSW. These as known as ‘retailer authorisations’.

To find the retailers authorised to supply electricity and gas in NSW, please follow this link to the AER’s Public Register of Authorised Retailers, or email the AER at AERInquiry@aer.gov.au for further information.

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