IPART launches survey of customers’ experience with digital electricity meter installation

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has launched a survey for electricity customers who have recently requested a digital meter installation or upgrade.

IPART Chair Dr Peter Boxall said feedback from customers on their metering experiences would be a key input into IPART’s review of retailers’ practices in relation to metering, which commenced earlier this month.

“The NSW Government is concerned about reports of delays and poor customer service in relation to metering services provided by retailers. We’re inviting electricity customers to share their experiences in getting their meter installed or upgraded,” Dr Boxall said.

“Our review seeks to identify problems and opportunities, and make recommendations to improve retailer customer service in this area.”

Digital meters (also known as smart or advanced meters) are electricity meters capable of two-way communication to support a range of additional services including in-home monitoring of electricity use. Since December 2017, electricity retailers have taken over the responsibility of digital meters from distributors.

IPART’s survey is open for customer responses until 3 August 2018. As well as customers completing the survey, we are interested to hear from accredited service providers, retailers and other parties involved in meter installations. All interested parties can make submissions to IPART’s review, through our website.

IPART will report on its draft findings and recommendations on retailers’ metering practices in September 2018, and will seek further feedback from stakeholders at this time. A final report will be delivered to the Government by 30 November 2018.

Information papers are available on IPART’s website www.ipart.nsw.gov.au along with information about how to make submissions.