Solar feed-in tariffs 2019/20

In progress
Start Date
Nov 2018
End Date
Apr 2019
In NSW, retailers can choose whether or not to offer solar feed-in tariffs to their customers, and decide the level of the solar feed-in tariff that they offer.
However to help guide retailers and customers, each year IPART recommends a ‘fair and reasonable’ benchmark range for solar-feed in tariffs.
In April 2019, we plan to released our  benchmark range for the 2019-20. 
We update the benchmark range each year to take account of the latest wholesale market conditions.  The value of exported solar electricity depends mainly on how much retailers save from buying wholesale electricity in the market.  This means solar feed-in tariffs will go up and down with changes in the wholesale electricity price
Like last year, we will publish an all day benchmark range and time-dependant benchmarks as an indication of the value of solar exports at different times of the day. 
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Jessica Robinson
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