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Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Pty Ltd (JGN) has applied for a gas distributor’s licence. JGN is seeking authorisation to distribute a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen through an existing distribution system.

The proposed distribution district includes the local government areas of Camden, Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, and Penrith.

JGN is undertaking the Western Sydney Green Gas Project at Horsley Park in Western Sydney. The project involves:

  • Using renewably-sourced electricity to convert water into oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis.
  • Capturing and injecting small quantities of hydrogen (up to 2%) into part of JGN’s natural gas distribution network.

The submission period is now open and will close on 23 April 2021.

JGN’s application is available on our website.

Tell us what you think about the application by using the 'Have your say' link on our website.

We will consider the application and all submissions before making a recommendation to the Minister for Energy and Environment to grant or refuse the licence. Please refer to our Fact Sheet for further information.

Key contact
Sachin Singh