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Road and grass

IPART is seeking stakeholder views on which transport items should be included in local infrastructure contributions plans, and whether the cost of these items should be apportioned across all development subject to the relevant contributions plan.

This may be one of a number of issues related to contributions plans that we look to stakeholders to help inform our assessment of local infrastructure contributions plans.

IPART assesses local infrastructure contributions plans that propose contributions above $30,000 per lot or dwelling in identified greenfield areas and $20,000 per dwelling in other areas. We must assess whether the contributions plan meets the criteria set out in the Department of Planning and Environment’s Local Infrastructure Contributions Practice Note (Practice Note).

We would like to hear from developers, councils and other interested stakeholders.

We invite all interested parties to make submissions in response to this Discussion Paper, including the questions listed on page 1 of the paper. The deadline for submissions is Friday 5 October 2018. We prefer to receive submissions electronically:

Key contact
Julia Williams
02 9290 8457