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Review of Blacktown City Council's Contributions Plan no 24 - Schofields Precinct

In progress
Start Date
Dec 2018
End Date
Aug 2019

IPART has released a Draft Report on its assessment of Blacktown City Council’s revised Contributions Plan No. 24 for Schofields, which consists of two parts:

  • CP24L – Schofields (Land), and
  • CP24W – Schofields (Works)

The plan applies to the development in the Schofields Precinct within Sydney’s North West Growth Area. Our Media Release and Fact Sheet are available here.

Our draft recommendations

We recommend the council comprehensively review the plan within 18 months because it does not have regard to:

  • the higher than previously forecast development yield and population
  • major upcoming Planning Proposals for the precinct, or
  • changes associated with the North West Growth Centre Stormwater Management Strategy Review.

Such a review would also allow the council to update estimates of the cost of works using the best available information. In the short term, we recommend the council: remove land and works for some stormwater management infrastructure; make small adjustments to land costs and plan administration; and use a revised population estimate for the apportionment of transport, open space, community services and the E2 Conservation Zone and the calculation of contribution rates.

These changes would:

  • Reduce per dwelling/lot contributions by over 20%.
  • Reduce the total costs in the plan by $27.2 million (10.4%), from $262.6 million to $235.4 million.

IPART assesses council’s contribution plans that propose local infrastructure contributions above a threshold amount. The maximum contributions in CP24 exceed the $30,000 per lot or dwelling threshold that applies to the plan.


We have assessed CP24 against the criteria in the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE)’s Practice Note: Local Infrastructure Contributions (January 2019). We have based our assessment on information in the plan, and further information provided by the council.

What Next

Submissions on the Draft Report are due by 5 July 2019. Submissions can be made online via our submission form.

Key Contact
Sarah Blackwell
02 9113 7763
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