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IPART has commenced an assessment of Camden Council’s Growth Areas contributions plan for the Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct.

Our assessment will consider whether the contributions plan meets the criteria as set out in the Department of Planning and Environment’s Practice Note. We will publish a Draft Report on our assessment findings and recommendations. At that time, we will welcome submissions from any interested parties.

The Camden Growth Areas Contributions Plan  was initially amended to include the Lowes Creek Maryland Precinct in December 2022. The version labelled Amendment 2 was provided to IPART for review in March 2023.  Amendment 3 to the contributions plan which removed the costs of some transport items was adopted by Camden Council on 28 April 2023, and was submitted to IPART for review in May 2023.  Both versions of the application for and contributions plan are available to view below.

The Council is preparing the contributions plan to collect contributions from new residential development within the Lowes Creek Precinct. These contributions will fund upgrades to infrastructure in the area to meet a projected population increase of 20,735. This will affect future and existing residents, local business and developers.

We will provide our final assessment and recommendations to the Minister. The Minister, or their Nominee, will advise the council on any changes it needs to make prior to adopting the plan. The council will then be entitled to charge the applicable contributions rates in the contributions plan.

Key contact
Scott Chapman
02 9290 8449