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IPART has completed its targeted assessment of open space embellishment costs in the Marsden Park and Marsden Park Industrial Precincts.

We have reviewed Blacktown City Council’s revised costs for open space items that were included in the version of revised Section 94 Contributions Plan No. 21 – Marsden Park (CP21) assessed in 2017. This includes embellishment items such as playing fields, amenities blocks, and car parks.

Our targeted assessment ensures that developers pay the reasonable cost of providing local open space embellishment required by new development.

We have assessed the reasonable cost of open space embellishment in CP21 as $159.0 million. This equates to a decrease in embellishment costs of $39.4 million (or 19.9%) relative to the relevant costs submitted by the council for assessment.

Our Final Report has been sent to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The Minister will consider our recommendations and advise the council of the changes it needs to make to its plan. After the council makes the changes and adopts the plan, it can charge developers the updated contribution rate.

The Final Report is available here.

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