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IPART Draft Report

Video Transcript:

IPART is reviewing the rules around social housing.

Nothing has changed as yet and we would like to hear what you think about our suggestions, before making our recommendations to the New South Wales Government.

Our aim is to give more people the home they need at a rent they can afford.

At the moment, most social housing tenants pay about 25% of their household income in rent. We think this is fair and this percentage wouldn't change.

However this 25% may not include all your benefits. So if you receive Family Tax Benefits or the Pension Supplement then you would have to pay a little extra.

We're also trying to ensure that everyone has the right home for their needs. So if your child is starting school, someone needs more care, or you're ready to return to work, then the new rules would help you find the right social housing place to live.

Likewise, if your income increases and you want to move to a private rental, then we are recommending ways to help you manage that change.

By securing more government funding for social housing we hope to give more people the home they need at a rent they can afford.

And remember, these recommendations have yet to be adopted.

So if you want to add your voice to the conversation then please contact us at www.ipart.nsw.gov.au

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