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We have reviewed our approach to compliance and enforcement with the introduction of a new, consistent policy across all of IPART’s regulatory compliance functions, including water licensing (public water utilities and WIC Act licensees), energy networks, rail access, and the Energy Savings Scheme, as well as water and transport pricing where we are responsible for compliance.

This is an important step which reflects our growing role in ensuring the compliance of essential services to a broad range of regulatory requirements and licence conditions for the benefit of the people of NSW and, while our existing policies are based on sound principles of regulation, will increase the consistency and certainty of IPART’s approach for our stakeholders.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy applies to our regulated entities. These include energy networks, Energy Savings Scheme participants, rail infrastructure owners, Transport for NSW, and water utilities.

We consulted with stakeholders by releasing a Draft Policy for comment before releasing our Final IPART Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

We considered all stakeholder feedback before finalising the policy.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy applies from 19 December 2017.

Key contact
Christine Allen
02 9290 8412