To assist stakeholders preparing submissions on the Equity Beta method, we are making a copy of the R language source code available, subject to the terms of this disclaimer.

You can understand the detailed steps in our Equity Beta method by reading this source code.

If you wish to run the source code on your own computer system, please note that you will need to:
•Have your own Thomson Reuters Datastream licence
•Have sufficient R skills to load, troubleshoot, and run the R code
•Insert into this code your own Datastream username and password (in places highlighted in yellow)
•Insert into this code your own directory path for their working files on their own system (also highlighted in yellow).

For copyright reasons, IPART is not able to provide Thomson Reuters data to you.

IPART is not able to assist you in getting this source code running on your computer system, if you choose to do that.

If you agree to these conditions, you can download the R source code here