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The current determined price of ethanol is 161.9 cents per litre (excluding GST)

We have determined a reasonable wholesale price for fuel ethanol from 1 March 2024 of 161.9 cents per litre (excluding GST).

You can find our determinations before 2023 here.

Submissions are open on the impact of our wholesale ethanol price determinations

We welcome your feedback on the following questions:

  1. Is IPART’s determined wholesale price of ethanol having an impact on the retail market for E10? If so, what is the impact?
  2. How have the wholesale and retail markets for ethanol changed in recent years, including any changes to the competitive dynamics in these markets?

Submissions are due by April 30, 2024.

Who does this review affect?

This review mainly affects fuel sellers and ethanol producers.

Under the Biofuels Act 2007, fuel sellers must ensure that 6% of fuel sold is ethanol. This means that 60% of fuel sales are required to be E10 (which is made up of 10% ethanol, and 90% unleaded fuel).

Fuel sellers can be exempt from this requirement on various grounds. One of these is that the wholesale price of ethanol paid by retailers exceeds the price determined by IPART.

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