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Each year, we make recommendations on the maximum fares that may be charged by seven private ferry operators that provide regular passenger ferry services under contract to the NSW Government in the Sydney, Central Coast and North Coast areas of NSW.

We have commenced a review of private ferry fares to apply in 2017.

We recommended the following maximum adult fares for single journeys for 2016:


Maximum fares in 2015


Recommended maximum fares in 2016


Changes in maximum fare


Brooklyn Ferry Service $6.70 $7.00 $0.30
Central Coast Ferries $7.80 $7.80 -
Church Point Ferry Service $7.70 $8.00 $0.30
Clarence River Ferries $7.70 $8.00 $0.30
Cronulla and National Park Ferry Service $6.40 $6.40 -
Matilda Cruises (Circular Quay to Darling Harbour) $7.40 $7.40 -
Matilda Cruises (Circular Quay to Lane Cove) $7.40 $7.40 -
Palm Beach Ferry Service (Palm Beach to the Basin) $7.70 $7.80 $0.10
Palm Beach Ferry Service (Palm Beach to Ettalong) $11.20 $11.30 $0.10

After we recommend fares, the Secretary of Transport for NSW is then responsible for deciding on maximum fares. Ferry operators can then choose to set their fare below the maximum fare. To obtain actual fares for different services, you should contact the ferry operator directly.

In making our final recommendations on ferry fares, we:

  • Froze the maximum fares for ferry services that charged less than the maximum fares in 2015 (Matilda Cruises and Central Coast Ferries). We do not consider that these ferries should be subject to price regulations, as these services are being provided in a competitive market.
  • Froze the maximum fares for ferry services where the 2015 maximum fare is equal to or greater than the efficient fare (Cronulla Ferry Service).
  • Increased the maximum fare for other ferry services where the 2015 maximum fare is below the efficient fare up to a maximum of 30 cents.
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