Video Transcript:

We’re investigating ways to make fares for rail, bus, ferry and light rail services fairer for everyone.

The proposed changes would impact all Opal Card fares in these areas.

We’re proposing changes to the way fares are calculated, to weekly travel rewards, weekend caps for adults and kids, and off-peak discounts. Most single fares would be lower.

Under these proposals, over 60% of passengers would save money from 1 July 2016. But while some fares would fall, others would rise to better reflect the costs of their journeys.

Our proposals remove the penalty for passengers who need to switch trains, buses, ferries or to light rail on the same journey.

Instead of being charged twice, the fare would be based on using just one mode of transport from origin to final destination.

Our proposed changes would make weekly travel rewards fairer. Instead of the current system where all travel is free after 8 journeys, our new proposal would enable unlimited travel all week with passengers only paying for their ten longest journeys, up to a maximum of $65-a-week.

We are also proposing changes to weekend daily caps so they apply on both Saturdays and Sundays. The adult cap would be less than half the weekday cap, and the children’s cap 50% lower. This would encourage families to travel on public transport all weekend.

There are also greater savings proposed for rail customers who can travel off-peak. Shifting the time of just one or two journeys a week can mean big savings. It would also help to reduce congestion and crowding.

Fares contribute around 20% of the total cost of providing public transport. That won’t change.

But, to ensure fares continue to contribute to the costs of providing these services, and to deliver fairer charges for public transport, some passengers would pay a little more.

These proposals could mean big changes, and we want your feedback. For more information go to