7 October 2014

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is inviting comments about taxi fares and licence numbers in Sydney and fares in regional NSW through two issues papers released today.

IPART Chairman Dr Peter Boxall said that NSW taxi passengers are continuing to pay too much for taxi services because of the high cost of licences, particularly in Sydney.

IPART’s reviews of Sydney taxi fares and licence numbers, and fares in other areas of NSW, are aimed at improving taxi services so that it is easier and cheaper to catch taxis and easier and cheaper for taxi operators to get a licence.

“We are seeking to balance the need to make the industry more efficient to reduce costs and therefore fares, with the impact on the value of licences held by current licence owners,” Dr Boxall said.

“Where cost savings can be made, such as through increased competition in taxi booking services, then those savings should also be passed onto passengers.”

IPART is seeking feedback on its proposed approach to the fare and licencing reviews. These include a more detailed examination of the costs of providing taxi services outside of Sydney to take account of any significant differences between areas. The reviews will involve surveys of taxi drivers, operators and the general community as well as economic analysis.

Submissions to the Issues Papers will be accepted until 7 November. The Issues Papers, along with further information on IPART’s review's is available here.

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