Video Transcript:

Hello licensees and auditors and welcome to the Wilma system for IPART. In this video we will look at how to navigate the system.

After you login, you will arrive on the dashboard and you will see these three grids. If you log in as an auditor you will only see the bottom one relating to audits, as a licensee you will see all three. You can expand the grids using the plus on the left. In this case I have expanded the Non-compliance Letters section, and you can see in this grid we have a line item for each non-compliance letter that has been issued to you for the given licence.

Anywhere in the system where you click the ‘view’ link under the document column, you will see it will download for you and you can click open to open it up in the browser or in the native application.

If I expand the other grid for notifications, I can see a line item for each notification you have raised. We have this ID column on the left that will take you to the details page for that notification.

To show you that, I will just stepped into the next grid. This is the audits grid and again, a line item for each audit that has been initiated in the system. Let's click the ID to the left of this audit, and we’ll be taken to what’s called the details page, where will see more information around that audit.

If I scroll down we'll see some sections where we have Requests for Information (RFIs), where IPART are asking you to respond back with some additional documentation or answers. There is a grid for the documents that come back as part of those RFI responses and any other documents that are added to the audit are here as well.

Note the links on the right will take you to those documents so they can be downloaded.

So that's how you navigate Wilma and please watch the other videos for more specific processes.