Video Transcript:

Hello licensees and welcome to the Wilma system for IPART. In this video we will be looking at how to initiate a new audit.

I'm going to start from the dashboard, if you aren't able to login look at the other video that can help you, or contact your analyst at IPART and ask them some questions.

I'm going to start on the dashboard. At the bottom we've got the audits grid and I've expanded that. We have a button at the top called Initiate Audit, so you will click that to raise a new one.

In the pop up we have some information to enter, starting with the licence. Which licence does the Audit relate to? You may have multiple licences in the system that you're responsible for, so pick one from the drop down. The Audit Type is next, we will choose new infrastructure Audit. In the description field you want to give a small blurb of text to describe what the audit is about. If you look at the grid behind me you can see the other description fields. They are just enough to give it some context visually. Normally you would give it something longer than what I wrote, but I just did something quickly here.

You can attach up to three documents right now, I'll just use one and I'll choose the audit proposal. There's a category drop down where you will choose a proposal category for that document you've added and we’ll give it a nice clean name for the Wilma system in the last field.

Click submit and this will generate an email alert to the IPART team who will log in and take a look at the audit. It also refreshes your screen and you should see the audit at the top of your Audits grid. Some of the information is not showing yet because that information will be entered after the proposal is fully approved. This will update over time.

If the analyst has a need to issue you a request for information (RFI) or if they need a new version of the proposal they will raise what we call an RFI in the system and you will get an email alert to login and address that question or upload a new document. For now though you have initiated the audit and lodged the proposal, so you are finished.

Thank you