Video Transcript:

Hello Auditors and welcome to the WILMA system for IPART in this video we will look at how to submit audit reports for the audits you are working on.

I'm going to start from the dashboard. If you have any trouble logging in look at the other training video to assist you with that or contact your IPART analyst.

So, I've expanded the Audits grid and I can see the audits I've been assigned in the system. Looking at the audit on the top of the grid, let’s assume it is now time to send the draft report. The audit has been in progress as you can see in the status column, and now it's time to submit your report.

You can do that at the top of the screen by clicking the ‘Submit Draft Report’ button, or if you click into the audit by clicking the ID, you can also click this button from there.

Let's click the button now. It's a very simple document lodgement system. We will browse our computer to find the report we want to submit. We will choose a category for that document which will be Draft Audit Report of course, and WILMA asks for a fresh name to give the document rather than taking the original name of the PDF, which can sometimes not be ideal. You can upload other documents if you need to, otherwise just click submit and the pop up will close.

You have lodged the report, and you can see the status has now changed to ‘Draft Report Received’. The analyst will now get an email alert that you have lodged the draft report, and they can go in and find it. They will issue you an RFI (a request for information) if they need some additional changes to it before the final is submitted. If they do request more information, you will see a red highlight as you scroll down the screen under the Requests for Information grid, and you will look at that request and provide a response before submitting your next report. There is a separate video that covers how to respond to RFIs so have a look at that as well.

Once you go away and make the changes to the draft report, when you log in again you will see the Submit Final Report button at the top. You can click that one to do the exact same thing again, but this time you'll be submitting the final version. This type of iteration can happen a few times where they ask for additional changes, and perhaps you will need to submit an amended report. This will happen in the same way with the button at the top of the screen.

That's it, you're logging into the system and you're using the button at the top to submit the reports. If there's any requests for information (RFIs) about the reports, you will see email alerts, and you'll see the lines highlighted in red (and again there is a separate video on that, to look at how to respond to an RFI).

Thank you.