Video Transcript:

Hello licensees and welcome to the WILMA system for IPART. In this video we will be looking at how to raise a new notification or incident in the system.

I'm going to start on the dashboard, if you have any problems logging in you can look at the separate video for that, or you can contact your IPART analyst if you need to.

I have expanded the notifications grid, and it's as simple as clicking ‘Raise New Notification’ to raise something new. We get a pop-up box where we will have a few different things to enter. The first drop down is the licence, so you will choose the licence that this notification or incident relates to. If you are a contact for multiple licensees you may see different licences in this drop down and you choose the one you need.

Under Notification Type we’ll ask you to choose what type of notification or incident this is. In this case I'm going to say sewage overflow.

In the description box you want to give the analyst a very brief description about what the notification relates to, so they can easily identify it from the dashboard.

If it's an incident, we’ll give the date the incident occurred, or if it's a notification we can just use today's date - that's fine. Then, we will upload a document. You can upload up to three, but I'll just do one in this example, you can also add more later if you need to. For this incident let's say we will upload FORM A that IPART are used to. You will choose a category for that document, which is normally the same as the notification type above. In this case will say it's a document relating to an incident of sewage overflow. We also need to give the document a new clean name for the system. Then we will click submit. You will get the pop-up that reminds you how many documents you have attached and confirms that you want to continue. Click ok to clear that.

Once you have finished raising the item, it will generate an email alert to the analysts, who will pick it up and look at it. It will also refresh your screen and you will see the new notification at the top.

That's all you have to do, you will be contacted through an email alert if an analyst raises a request for information (RFI) for that notification. So, if you have more to do or need to answer questions for IPART you will get an email alert asking you to log in and do more. There is a separate video that covers how those requests for information (RFIs) work.

Thank You.