Video Transcript:

Hello licensees and welcome to the WILMA system for IPART. In this video we’ll have a look at how to log in and get your non-compliance enforcement letters if any are issued to you.

You will receive an email alert from the WILMA system that will tell you if an enforcement letter has been lodged and which licence it's for. You can just follow that link from the email and you will come to this screen here, the login screen.

Enter your username and password as you normally do, if for some reason you don't have this information yet or it's wrong, just contact your IPART analyst and they'll make sure you get sorted out.

I will enter in our usual username and password and click the ‘Sign In’ button, and this will take us to our dashboard. There are other videos that cover the navigation of WILMA.

Today we’ll look at the top grid called Non-compliance Letters, this is what you want. You will click the + to expand the grid and you will see a line item for each non-compliance that has been raised in the system over the course of your licence. Here at the top you can read a subject and description field where the IPART staff have made a comment to accompany the letter.

All you need to do is click the document link on the far right which will download the document to your browser, depending on which browser you use it may download in a slightly different way, but it's generally very similar. You can click Open to open the document up, or you can save it and take it somewhere else.

It's as simple as that - that's how you log in to WILMA and retrieve your non-compliance enforcement letter.