Register of Development Servicing Plans

IPART has made two pricing determinations fixing a pricing methodology for connecting to a water, wastewater or drainage system of Sydney Water, Hunter Water or Central Coast Council. Our 2019 Determination fixed a methodology for recycled water systems and our 2018 Determination fixed a methodology for other systems. The review webpages for each of these reviews are available below.

In 2008, the then NSW Government set prices for connecting to a water, wastewater or drainage system of Sydney Water or Hunter Water to nil. This decision became known as the nil developer charges policy. Neither Central Coast Council nor recycled water systems of Sydney Water and Hunter Water were covered by the nil developer charges policy.

In 2021, the then Treasurer wrote to IPART advising of the reversal of the nil developer charges policy and that prices would be gradually phased back in.

The pricing methodologies under the 2018 and 2019 determinations leave many of the inputs to prices for utilities to specify in Development Servicing Plans. However, the Development Servicing Plans must meet methodological, consultation and content requirements stipulated in our determinations, and must be registered with IPART. As part of the phased-in reintroduction of prices for Sydney Water and Hunter Water, IPART registered a large number of new Development Servicing Plans for those two utilities in late 2023. Those Development Servicing Plans, as well as the current Development Servicing Plans for Central Coast Council and recycled water systems, can be viewed in the registers below. The final reports that explain our role in registering the DSPs are available here for Hunter Water and Sydney Water.

We have conducted research to assess the impact of water, wastewater and stormwater developer charges (water developer charges) on the price of vacant land and housing in NSW. The research paper and fact sheet are available here.