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WaterNSW rural bulk water prices from 1 July 2021

Start Date
Jun 2020
End Date
Jun 2021
Days left for submissions
Deadline: 18 Aug 2020
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On 30 June we received a pricing proposal from WaterNSW, which has also provided a plain English summary which gives a high level overview of its pricing application.

Determination period – Have your say

WaterNSW has proposed we set prices at this review for 1 year only.  It argues that this would allow it to consult closely with customers about water supply needs before setting prices for a longer-term, and that its pricing proposal would mitigate the impact of drought.  We would then need to review and set prices again in 2022.

Alternatively, we could set prices for 4 years, and would then not need to review and set prices again until 2025.

We are seeking feedback from stakeholders and the public on whether we should set prices for 1 year or for 4 years. Some relevant context and information on the determination period is available here. Feedback on this issue closes on 18 August 2020.

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Having your say on other issues

We are required under clause 27 of the Water Charge (Infrastructure) Rules 2010 (Cth) to invite submissions at this time. However, we intend to publish our Issues Paper in September 2020.  We recommend that interested parties read that paper before making a submission in respect of all other issues in WaterNSW’s application.  We will be accepting submissions until October 2020.  We also plan to hold Public Hearing(s) in November 2020 for this review, with more details to come closer to the date.

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Scott Chapman
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