IPART has released its draft report on the contributions that Liverpool City Council can levy on developers in the Austral and Leppington North (ALN) Precincts.

The council will use the contributions it collects to fund the open space, stormwater, transport infrastructure and land needed to support the development.

“The contributions plan covers around 1,500 hectares and is expected to provide infrastructure to 16,000 new dwellings and a population of up to 58,000, with capacity for an additional 13,000 jobs in the area.

“It will include new town centres for Austral and Leppington, a stormwater system to manage major flood events, 12.6km of new or upgraded roads, pedestrian access and 106ha of open space for residents,” said Tribunal member Deborah Cope.

The Liverpool City Council proposes to levy a total of around $1 billion in developer contributions to provide the infrastructure needed to service the area. We expect that this will result in contribution rates of approximately $60,576 for a typical home.

Our analysis has found the infrastructure costs in the plan are essential and reasonable, and that public consultation has occurred.

We consider there is a possibility the Council’s costs might turn out to be underestimated. IPART has recommended the Council review its costs within the next 2 years, including the actual costs from implementation of the plan.

Also the provision of open space in the plan is below the Council’s benchmarks and we have recommended the Council explore options it has suggested to mitigate this shortfall.

We are seeking stakeholder comments on our draft recommendations by Monday 9, June 2023. IPART will consider all comments in making our final decision,” said Ms Cope.

The Draft Report is available on IPART’s website. We intend to present a final report to the Minister for Planning by August 2023.

Media Contact: Adrian Flood, 0427 105 865, media@ipart.nsw.gov.au