IPART has released its draft report on the contributions that the Northern Beaches Council can levy on developers in the Frenchs Forest Town Centre Precinct. The council will use the contributions it collects to fund the infrastructure and open space needed to support the first phase of the development.

The contributions plan relates to the first phase of a 3 phase development around the new Northern Beaches Hospital.

Phase 1 will redevelop the site of the existing Forest High school and surrounding areas to create the Frenchs Forest Town Centre Precinct. Phase 1 of the development is expected to provide 2,000 new dwellings for 3,900 new residents and commercial floor space for 1,800 new workers. Development of the area is expected to take place over the next 20 years.

We have assessed a reasonable cost of land and works in the plan would total $62,329.400, to provide open space, roads and transport and stormwater infrastructure to service the area. We expect that this will result in contribution rates of approximately $10,880 per resident or $24,340 for a 2 bedroom dwelling.

“We have found that the majority of the infrastructure and costs in the plan are reasonable, consistent with the essential works list and have demonstrated a need linked to the development (nexus)” said IPART spokesperson Michelle Coco.

“Our recommendations remove the costs of some items that are not consistent with the requirements of the contributions planning framework and ensure that funding from other sources is reflected in lower contributions costs. We have also made recommendations to ensure the cost estimates in the plan use the best available information and remain up to date. This means that the contributions remain cost reflective.”

We are seeking stakeholder comments on our draft recommendations by Friday 19 May 2023. The Draft report is available on IPART’s website.

IPART intends to present a final report to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in July 2023.

Media Contact: Candy Nahnsen, 0427 105 865, media@ipart.nsw.gov.au