The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has released its Draft Report on the infrastructure contributions that Liverpool City Council can levy in the East Leppington Precinct.

IPART Executive Director, Regulation and Compliance Michelle Coco said the council proposed to levy around $80 million in contributions to provide the infrastructure needed to service the area.

“We expect that this will result in contribution rates of around $66,000 for a typical home,” Ms Coco said.

“We have concluded that the council’s proposed costs are reasonable and necessary to provide the open space, stormwater, transport infrastructure and land needed to support the development.

“The contributions plan covers around 76 hectares and is expected to provide infrastructure to 1,129 new dwellings and a population of around 3,500 people.”

The plan includes a stormwater system to manage major flood events, new and upgraded local roads, pedestrian access, cycleways and around 6 hectares of open space for residents.

“We consider there is a possibility the council’s open space and transport works costs might turn out to be underestimated. To ensure these cost estimates are accurate we encourage the council to review its costs in the future, prior to any resubmission of the plan to IPART,” Ms Coco said.

“We are seeking stakeholder feedback on issues raised in the Draft Report by 30 November 2023.” The Draft Report is available on IPART’s website. A Final Report will be presented to the Minister for Planning and Open Spaces by February 2024.

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